Storytelling and Marketing – Why Should Your Clients Care?

Or better yet, why should YOU care? In the end, in order to be successful in your marketing, part of your plan must include your story. It may sound easy, but if you spend any amount of time on the Internet and on websites, whether for information gathering or purchasing something of interest, it is very easy to spot the diamonds among the coal. It may sound silly, but when a potential client lands on your webpage, they should feel engaged. They should want to spend some time on there. In other words, it should be inviting! Telling your own story is very important. It connects you to the client in a human way. Let’s face it, in a world full of computers, technology and social media sites, human connections are still very important. Nobody likes to land on a sterile, dull page that lacks personality and passion. But your story should be well-written by a professional essay writer uk.


Here are some ways you can accomplish the “human connection.”

  • Show desire and heart behind your business
  • Share your values-make sure you know your potential customers! The values should match. Put your mission and values on the website.
  • Tell your business story honestly. It is perfectly acceptable to be laid back in this process-be authentic.
  • Be open about your workforce. Pictures and titles along with bios of everyone on your team place a human face on what you do. It also shows you value the people who work with/for you.
  • Appeal to the emotions of your clients. If you are stiff and boring, that is how the reader will portray your business.
  • Provide a blog or human interest stories that help promote your brand
  • It would be advisable to hire a writer if you are uncomfortable with writing content. It should be well written, pull your customers in and be logical and meaningful.
  • If possible, include customer experiences with your business/product. A real picture and words written from someone who actually had a positive experience with you, helps potential clients gain your trust.
  • Remember your audience! If you are writing to a young, hip crowd, be sure the language is modern and relatable. If your base clientele is older, traditional word usage is more effective.
  • Do not use stock photos! These look staged and non authentic. It is worth it to have your own professional photographs or have an account where you pay photographers for timely, eye catching and relevant pictures that connect directly to your message.
  • Do not pay people to write fake reviews for your business. Trust me. Customers are savvy and they will notice whether something is authentic or not. Not to mention, the Internet is open. Word of mouth spreads fast whether you are honest or someone to avoid. You don’t want to experience the later.

Don’t be shy about storytelling. It’s important to establish trust and confidence in your clients. Remember your website should be authentic and appeals to your customers. If you keep in mind the driving force is your client not you, this will pay off in the long run. As the saying goes “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Don’t take the easy way out and cut corners. If you take your time, and spend efforts from the beginning, it will evolve into more than you could imagine.