You can see it’s pretty rough you know your schooling things like that so I’ve done I haven’t had done the religion one year I’ve just done the structure one but you can see there’s not very much there just few ideas so this is the plan I’ve got my introduction and then my first paragraph and all this it doesn’t go with my face but all this is just my first paragraph so you can see it’s a lot more detailed I’ve got if you see that that’s a reference to an article pages I could use just sort of like here as well that’s to one of my reading and I could use and so because I’ve got the page number I can go back to my reading and find the page number that I wrote down read through that and then find the page number on the book which is just there.

So this is sort of my detailed plan and I’ll show you just a little bit of me writing up all those not really you know stuff to learn from that but just you said every stage of an essay so this is what it is but I’m not going to show you the second kind of planning and then writing stage because it’s literally just the same as this so imagine this but for each paragraph and that is how I kind of plan my essay and I like to have a really detailed plan because it means that I don’t like spend ages singing out I just I can read through my plan look up some references and put it in so that typing doesn’t normally take that long.

I’ll show you the complete supply once it’s done but this is this is basically what it is okay so I’m going to write this up now ┬áin case any of you were curious I actually do listen to music while I write my essay while I’m writing my essay I always listen to the same playlist and I have done for all my terms in Oxford so I’ll just show you that now so this is the playlist it’s on Spotify and it’s called after well obviously it’s called afternoon acoustic and I listen to it whenever I write an essay I listened to it on low volume only like really low volume just as a kind of background noise just in case any of you were interested in what I listened to this is a fluent.

Thursday morning and Maya finished here in just under three hours I thought I’d show you my finished plan so here is this is what I showed you before for the introduction and paragraph one we turn over that’s paragraph two that’s paragraph three that’s the end of paragraph three stars paragraph four goes down to there and then just a little mishmash of a conclusion paragraph that’s as conclude a conclusion paragraph there because I’ve been planning as I go the essay is actually almost done in terms of the writing stage.