Welcome to my presentation on the narration essay also called the personal experience as say what is narration a narration essay tells a story that explains what happened when it happened and who was involved basically a narration focuses on one event in your life and you give great detail on what happened the narration should have a clear point it should reveal what you want the reader to learn or take away from the story you’re not just telling a story from your life just to tell it it is not a diary or a journal entry it is a focused organized essay about one particular event in your life that affected you in some way that your audience or your reader might be able to relate to. Look at great narration essays examples at Edusson.

Let’s take a look at an example of some narration paragraphs you might want to pause the video here to read these two paragraphs and you decide which one is a narration okay let’s read number one last summer I took my twin daughters Murray and Marissa to the Science Museum for their birthday party we had a wonderful time while they visited the exhibits on space travel I visited the sections on computer technology before we left we bought souvenirs in the gift shop second paragraph to get the best fishing spot in Lake Harrison start your motor and go due east for 4 miles until you come to Cabot Cove quietly row to the inlet without disturbing the fish so which one is the narration paragraph that’s right hopefully you chose number one right in the beginning at the first sentence you know what they’re getting ready to talk about it was a summer trip to a science museum why were they going to the museum for a birthday party just a nose few sentences you get a brief sense of who what when why where let’s talk about topics for a narration you might be given a list of topics to choose from.

However if you have to come up with a narration topic of your own then focus on an experience in your life that really taught you something or that really impacted you in a way that you want to share that story or you wouldn’t mind sharing that story with other people let’s say for example something really inspirational happened to you and the outcome was really positive or let’s say you had a difficult experience but what you learned really helped you to overcome or to gain victory over whatever the circumstance was so you want to focus on something that was momentous in your life that you can describe in enough detail to get at least two pages of an essay all right so which topic is about narration how do you frost a birthday cake what is your fondest memory who is the most attractive movie star have you ever visited a foreign country which one of these topics would work for a narration essay or a personal experience essay.