Why Don’t Visitors Click Ads?

Everybody who has a website running knows that two most important parts of it are: visitors and ads. For visitors we strive a lot to deliver quality content, good relaxing design and the authority that they need to find in our writing. As a “token” of their appreciation we expect them to click the ads we have (if we are a talking about paid-to-click ads, of course) so that we could enjoy what we’re doing and, why not, earn a little (or maybe more) income for our daily needs.

The Visitor’s Psychology

I remember having once a Google Adsense account running on a previous blog whose main topic was centered around occult stuff, like secret societies and such. My readers were people that weren’t interested in topics like blogging, online money making, internet marketing and so on. They wanted my content! And they did subscribed and waited for more. So I soon gathered a good amount of visits (around 20 000 in one month, good for such a subject) and almost 2000 subscribers. Of course, when I realized that I had THEM, the visitors, I hurried up and deployed my Google Adsense into it. Months have passed but my earnings still failed to reach at least 50$/month.

Why didn’t they click my ads? Well, because they weren’t giving a damn about this. All they wanted was my content! So, remember, unless the ads are highly relevant for your content, they won’t click them. Why don’t they click them just by knowing that this will bring some profit to the owner? Jealousy, ignorance, laziness, iamnotgivingthisguyacent-ness and lots of other emotional reasons. Visitors need to be EDUCATED in the spirit of online marketing once they enter they wholy ground of your website. However, you mustn’t ask them, by no means, to click your ads, because, we all know, this is prohibited. They must click those ads just as a sign of respect for your work, that’s my opinion. I do it all the time, especially when I’ve landed on a fresh website and I know that for that guy each cent is a spark of hope that he’ll use to light up the next post.

The Publisher’s Psychology

The biggest mistake publishers make is writing for the money. You must maintain your connection with your readers and visitors by delivering tasty content because this is what they need. Once you’ve got yourself a good following group consisting of people who’ll check every time what you have just written, you can not deceive them! You could deceive them by writing rubbish things or at a lower level than your previous ones. Try to be in good writing “shape”! Don’t forget to check some writing books and even worldwide literature. It keeps your lexicon in shape. But, wait a minute, what has all this to do with ads?

If you will deliver quality content on a regular basis, you will gain fans. Those fans of yours will come again and again and soon, oh yes, they wil discover THEM (the ads) and I am sure they will click. We’re already talking about the conversion rate here.

Maybe you’ve just released an e-book and want your readers to download and read it. You already think that the word “free” will instantly catch their eyes. But look around – these days every good blogger/web owner/product manager releases some e-books in order to keep his audience strong. Obviously, the conversion rate for this e-book downloads lies in your content.

The Perfect Formula

Content is king indeed, but what is a king without a kingdom, castles, army and why not – queen? Content is crucial for keeping those curious eyes coming and coming. Although there are examples of sites making good money despite of the awful design (plentyoffish.com). Your blog should basicaly be like a library – quiet, good-looking, smart and informative. Give the user the pleasure to find new things that you deliver and he will soon be the profit part from the conversion rate formula.

They will click them only if you will give them a reasons for this. The ultimate goal is when your users will click your ads out of respect and appreciation towards your work, even if it may sound a little poetical, it is true in most of cases. A short list of things you need to do for not be in the position of asking yourself this never again :

 Maintain a continous track of quality articles, thus offering the image of authority to your readers.

 Create the perfect “environment” for your visitors to efficiently absorb the information you share.

 Be patient with your readers and they will reward you.

 Don’t write just for money. Put passion in your work and it will ease the way to satisfaction.